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Companies & Organizations we have met recently …

  • Looking for Caregiving Products? Check out Shield HealthCare
    Shield Healthcare has an online store with extensive product selection, monthly reorder reminders, quick reorder process and free shipping on orders $40 or more. The website also has a wide variety of resources on nutrition to wound and diabetes products and much more.
  • Edible Philly
    Find local food, farms and cuisine throughout the season
    Edible Communities has regional publications and resources that share the importance of eating local and seasonal foods and why this is so important to a healthy lifestyle for all ages. The group supports the local agricultural community. Visit the website and learn more.
  • AltaVita Assisted Living Memory Care Centre
    Designated by the Alzheimer’s Association as a leader in Dementia Care, AltaVita Memory Care Centre is a locally-owned and family-oriented assisted living memory care community in Longmont, Colorado. The community is a state of the art assisted living community located north of the Boulder-Denver area. Call 303-300-3700 to learn more about the services and programs provided.
  • Find a “Walk with a Doc” Event
    Walk with a Doc is a walking program for everyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. What better way to start your weekend than on your feet making strides to help your heart and improving your general health to live longer!
  • Find a The Death Café Event
    With a Death Café, the idea is to get people from all backgrounds together over tea, coffee and delicious cake, to simply talk about death, a normal aspect of life that is generally feared by our culture. The hope of the Death Café movement is to simply normalize this phase of life by allowing groups of people to talk about death. A Death Café is not a support group or a means of selling services, but is instead a simple social gathering. There have been Death Cafés all over the US.
  • Spellbinders®
    Learn how to Ignite Imagination, Encourage Literacy and Connect Generations by becoming a Spellbinders volunteer. Spellbinders Storytellers share the rich oral tradition of tales that teach and enchant. Spellbinder volunteers usually adopt a classroom and tell, rather than read, stories to students. Working with teachers, volunteer storytellers enhance literacy, stimulate imagination, and broaden multicultural understanding. A Spellbinders Volunteer: Learns many types of stories (fables, folktales, and fairytales), Has access to extensive collections of stories and online resources, Tells stories on a regular self-chosen schedule to students of a local school district, shares information and develops relationships with teachers, students, and other storytellers and has opportunities to tell stories at local community events.
  • Sacred Passage Guidance Certificate
    "Sacred Passage Guidance Certificate Training" prepares Frontline Clinicians, Caregivers, Healing Arts Professionals, Volunteers and Families to understand the desires and wishes of those who are passing and to offer the healing, comforting care they want and need. The program benefits all involved in the care of life, love, family and healing. It is the preparation we need to befriend death, surrender and trust deeply in each moment, and become supportive end of life companions.

Marketing Resource – Have an Online Listing with Seniors Resource Guide

We are now offering programs that are billed as monthly credit card subscriptions. Here are some details …

  • Prices start at $24.91 a month for 2 listings in any database.
  • Or if you are a professional serving seniors, consider a program that includes your photo and a Senior Advisor Listing and we can link to your YouTube channel from these listings – CLICK HERE
  • And for those wanting more exposure (and those burned out on overpriced PPC campaigns) try our Business Profile Program that puts your logo or property photo on the LOCAL home page with link to an overview essay – Check out Denver and review Business Profile links on the Denver home page – CLICK HERE
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