Summer 2014

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Thank you for joining us for another issue. We have seen so many great marketing ideas and resources since our last issue. This issue we will in part focus on events for older adults, boomers and seniors along with other interesting marketing ideas and resources. For example have your heard of Death Cafés, “Walk with a Doc” Events and Cyber-Seniors Documentary? All of these organizations provide great sponsorship opportunities. Browse the content below and learn more about these events and other interesting marketing ideas.

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Marketing Snippets

  • Do you know what a Death Café is?
    At a Death Café people gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death. The attendees are often strangers. At the meeting the group is has a discussion of death but there is no meeting agenda, or particular objective. The meeting is not about grief support but instead focuses on increasing the awareness of death through discussion in a respectful sharing of individuals’ thoughts and ideas about death.
  • Find a “Walk with a Doc” Event at locations across the U.S.
    (AND help sponsor a program in your area)

    Walk with a Doc is a walking program for everyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. What better way to start your weekend than on your feet making strides to help your heart and improving your general health to live longer and what a great event to help sponsor!
  • Cyber-Seniors Documentary
    Check out the Cyber-Seniors Documentary where teenagers are helping seniors get tech savvy. What a great concept and this was started by teenagers. There are showings across the U.S. Consider booking and helping to organize a showing in a local movie theatre or retirement community.
    Cyber-Seniors YouTube Channel – CLICK HERE
  • Speaking of YouTube Channels & The importance of Video in Brand Exposure …
    Check out one non-profits “Event Re-cap Videos” and meet Colorado Senior Lobby
    (What a great idea to extend the reach of your event!!!!!!!!)

    Yes, I had something to do with this organization making these videos. The simple explanation is I am a Board Member of Colorado Senior Lobby and helped with planning their signature April 2014 event, “Senior Day at the Capitol.” At a Board meeting I said, “We should make a video of this event and others, and post the videos on a branded YouTube Channel and put the videos on the website.” Well guess what?We all agreed and said, “Let’s Do it.” A lot of great volunteers made it happen – Kudos to all Board, Volunteers and Sponsors of Senior Day at The Capitol.
    Visit Colorado Senior Lobby YouTube Channel – CLICK HERE
  • By the way take a closer look at
    Yes, I had something to do with building this website through our Seniors Resource Guide network. This website uses a GoDaddy template that provided a low cost website template solution for helping Colorado Senior Lobby share their great organization HOWEVER, it is not the website template that makes the real difference. It is the content and the organization of that content. In particular take a look at …
    • Here is the website
    • Note how the group is promoting their Event Sponsors after their signature event has passed – CLICK HERE
    • Note how the group archives their eNewsletters on the website plus promotes local events that help their members – CLICK HERE
    • If you need help with your website content, call Seniors Resource Guide at 303-794-0799.
  • And keep 24hour Physicians™ on your Radar
    24Hour Physicians is the new generation of “Physician Telehealth Programs” and we are impressed
    24hour Physicians™ is a National “Physician On Call Benefits Program.” Talk to a Doctor in minutes – anytime, anywhere. 24HourMDNow Physicians consult, diagnosis and prescribe (but not narcotics). There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. 24HourMDNow is NOT health insurance. 24HourMDNow is designed to save consumers money and businesses healthcare costs and there are cost saving group programs – READ MORE
    Website: www.

More Snippets …

  • Are you a Senior Center? Start Planning Now!
    September is National Senior Center Month – LEARN MORE
  • And we have to give a “Kudos” to The Brennity at Daphne and The Brennity at Fairhope located in Daphne and Fairhope, Alabama. These cities are in the Mobile, Alabama area.
    The Brennity at Daphne and The Brennity at Fairhope properties are part of Sagora Senior Living Community and our ‘Kudos’ are for their creative and well-thought out events promoted by well-designed flyers. Also their events are sent to us in a super timely fashion. And that means ‘Kudos’ to the property Business Development Directors, their staff and corporate. Take a look at some of their events and flyers posted on Seniors Resource Guide Mobile Senior News & Events – CLICK HERE

Companies & Organizations we have met recently …

  • Looking for Caregiving Products? Check out Shield HealthCare
    Shield Healthcare has an online store with extensive product selection, monthly reorder reminders, quick reorder process and free shipping on orders $40 or more. The website also has a wide variety of resources on nutrition to wound and diabetes products and much more.
  • In-Home Care Services from Acti-Kare of Salt Lake City
    Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care was founded in 2007 and is based in Tampa, Florida. From its inception, Acti-Kare’s unwavering mission has been to provide the most reliable, affordable and highest quality in-home care services to seniors and their families. Learn more about Acti-Kare of Salt Lake City and their in-home care services for seniors and families living in the Salt Lake City area.
  • You’re Home, In Home Dining Service Serving Denver
    Serving the Denver Area

    You’re Home encourages a healthy lifestyle through home cooked meals in private residences and senior housing locations. Their services assist you or your caregiver by taking away the stressful burden of providing daily nourishment, all with restaurant quality meals, always chef prepared.
  • Opening September 2014 - Green House® Homes will open on the Mirasol Senior Living campus in Loveland, Colorado
    This September, the first of 6 “Green House Homes” will open on the Mirasol Senior Living campus in Loveland. Green House homes offer long-term skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitation care in a small house environment. The Green House Home is a departure from the typical larger nursing home in how skilled care is delivered.
    Learn More – CLICK HERE
  • Colorado Senior Law Days with Locations Across Colorado
    Colorado Senior Law Days are happening this summer across Colorado. These annual educational seminars present programs specifically designed for seniors, their families and caregivers in the Colorado.
    Learn More – CLICK HERE

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