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Some frank points about “LOCAL Marketing Strategy” – Are these working for you?

  1. Regarding the effectiveness & cost of direct mail – How’s that going?
  2. How are newspaper display ads that aren’t targeting tech savvy decision makers working for you?
  3. How is that Pay-per-click program going? You may be spending more than you realize.
  4. Are your referral fees to placement & relocation companies generating business and reasonable ROI?
  5. Do overpriced print ads and overwhelming content in print resource books make business sense for you and the senior consumer?
  6. Regarding costly community entertainment events – do people show up?
  7. Are you showcasing your property with videos and then extending your videos’ reach with online promotion such as eNewsletters, Articles, Press Releases & Video Archives?

Do you find advertising in the above mentioned media expensive, overwhelming, confusing and sometimes ineffective? Do you believe in a few common misconceptions about best practices for generating business? Find out what these misconceptions are and put these myths on the shelf and discover some exciting tools and technology that will give you measurable results. Learn how the digital reach of www.SeniorsResourceGuide.com and the simple ‘Fee for Advertising’ Media Marketing model is cost effective and can enhance your overall marketing strategy.

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* B2C = Business-to-Consumer and B2B = Business-to-Business