B2C Resources

If you are a business or non-profit serving seniors review our network of websites and contact us about Internet listing programs. If you are not listed in our network, you won’t be found.
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SeniorsResourceGuide.com has 28 local regional Internet directories and a national directory. Each directory has its own database relevant to the needs of older adults. There are 76 topics in our individual databases that are grouped in six categories: Senior Housing, Health at Home, Professional Services, Health Services, Care Management & Referral Services and Community Resources. Each local directory also has its own local resources such as local Senior News & Events, local city links and an About Region web page. There are also in-depth Business Profiles of companies that provide senior services located in each market.
Website: www.SeniorsResourceGuide.com
Link to Regions: Online Directories

Seniors eGuide Questions to Ask Series
This website lists the Seniors eGuide “Questions to Ask” Publications. These eGuides provide educational information that can be printed out and used to interview providers for senior housing, health at home services and a convenient way to learn about other senior services. Some of the topics include “Questions to Ask” when Selecting Active Independent Living & Retirement Communities, Care Options for Developmentally Disabled Seniors and Resources for Low to Moderate Income Independent Seniors.
Website: www.SeniorsEGuide.com

Family Discharge Planning
The Family Discharge Planning eGuide is a resource for Getting Better at ‘Home.’ This resource center lists a variety of senior services and resource providers relevant to Discharge Planning. The key to making good decisions on the healthcare services you need and who to use, is to research and evaluate available resources, then apply your knowledge and preferences to the evaluation process. Remember to reach out to Discharge Planning Professionals and other Professionals providing services and ask questions. Keep a notebook handy and take notes and write down contact information.
Website: www.FamilyDischargePlanning.com

Have a Web-enable Mobile Phone or similar Device?
This website is designed to be compatible with web-enabled mobile devices. Visit our searchable Seniors Resource Guide database that is specially formatted for web-enabled handheld devices to download quickly and be easy to use. Our online listings that have website links are included in the GoToSRG.com website at no additional charge.
Website: www.GoToSRG.com